Friday, May 29 2020

Day 20

There she is. Barely seen over the misty horizon, growing bigger and bigger with each mile traveled. It is the view that is so familiar, yet  always making my heart beat faster. The tightly packed skyscrapers – the sign of might and progress of this country, but also a symbol of the tremendous work of millions that shaped the city. The familiar view I have always loved, always admired, always missed when away.

Lady Liberty – standing proud welcoming us, the travelers, as it did for generations.

There is something something powerfully reassuring in this view. The view I know so well for over 20 years. The place that has witnesses many of my successes and failures, the place that made me and shaped me. The place that gave me the opportunity to grow and expand, to realize make my dreams come true.

From this perspective, everything appears normal, business as usual… But we know, that we are returning to a changed Home. How will the City receive us?  So much unknown remains. What will be this City’s future? How can I fit in this changing world? Where will we fit in those insecure times?

Will the road be our new home?

We wanted to thank all those who contributed to our amazing experience. For the help, advice, attention, words of encouragement, friendship and love. In the times of social distancing, once again we have learned how important the human connection is.

Photo Gallery

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Flight Path

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