Thursday, May 14, 2020

Day 5

Still under the positive influence of Stamford Locals we woke up happy and well rested. Even the newly discovered fuel leak did not discourage us and with smiling faces we headed out to Abilene Aero, a short 15 minutes hop to a highly recommended service station at an nearby large airport.

What a fantastic reception have we received there. Abilene Aero did really overextend themselves to make sure we are OK and ready to continue our adventure. Bunch of specialists immediately swarmed tRusty (I wish I took that photo!) and few hours later we were good to go. It seemed like the day got away from us, and with the tremendous heat and rising altitude, we have decided to make it a shorter one than usual.

Tonight – it’s really late as I am writing this, I let the photos speak for themselves.

Tomorrow, early AM: Roswell

Flight Path

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