Pona Zima – PGS Sopot

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Featured Solo Exhibits

Ponad Zima – Wozownia, Torun – ZPAF Warszawa

Stara Galeria ZPAF, Warsaw, Poland

February 27—March 8, 2019
Plac Zamkowy 8, Warsaw, Poland

Curated by: Iga Niewiadomska

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Ponad Zima – Wozownia, Torun

Galeria Wozownia, Torun, Poland

January 11—February 11, 2019
Rabiańska 20, Toruń

Curated by: Natalia Cieslak

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Ponad Zima – A Stanska Gallery, Warszawa

Alicja Stanska Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

December 7, 2018–January 7 2019,
Aleje Jerozolimskie 47, Wasaw

Curated by: Bartosz Karol Mołczan

Pona Zima – PGS Sopot

Panstwowa Galeria Sztuki, Sopot, Poland

September 23rd–October 23rd, 2016
Plac Zdrojowy 2, Sopot, Poland

Curated by: Bartosz Karol Mołczan

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Group Shows

Salomon Arts Gallery, New York City

November 15–20, 2018
83 Leonard St, New York

Sohn Fine Art, Lenox MA

December 1, 2017–January 29, 2018
69 Church St, Lenox, Massachusetts

Somerset House, London

April 22nd—May 8th, 2016
Strand, London WC2R 1LA, United Kingdom

U Space, Beijing

June 7— June 26, 2016
Guangqu Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Willy-Brandt-Haus, Berlin

July 5—September 30, 2016
Wilhelmstraße 140, 10963 Berlin, Germany

Media Appearances

Print / On-line

Here’s what it’s like to watch New York’s Fourth of July fireworks show from 7,000 feet in a private plane” – Business Insider

Majestic Aerials of the Winter Wonderland” – Wired Magazine

Aerial Photographer Prefers Airplanes over Drones” – The Weather Channel

Make it unique – The extraordinary aerial photos of Filip Wolak” – World Photography Organisation
…jest niezwykłe” – Gazeta Wyborcza Weekend
Najlepszy na świecie latający fotograf“, Interview – Gazeta Wyborcza Trójmiasto
Wyjątkowa wystawa w Sopocie” – Onet
Interview – Fakt 24
Interview – Gazeta Wyborcza (national)
Most Influential” – Lens Magazine
Cool New York Photographer” – Time Out New York


TVN24 News – Interview
Pytanie na Śniadanie – Interview, TVP2
Świat się Kręci – Talk Show Appearance, TVP


Oscarowa fotografia w PGS“, Interview – Polskie Radio, Program 3
World’s best architecture photographer“, Interview – Polskie Radio / Radio Poland
…Najlepszy na Świecie Latający Fotograf“, Inteview – Radio Gdańsk
Interview – Polskie Radio, Program 1

The weather stopped us at Penn Valey for this sweet flamping shot

Flamp Across America!

Across America!

Turning the lack of work and cheapest avgas in the history of mankind into an opportunity to document this unique chapter of America’s history. A pair of adventurous aviators takes to the skies, to realize a long-term dream. Camping under the wing whenever possible (flamping = flying + camping), and figuring out the challenges as they come.

Sarah Tamar is a fanatic aviatrix and floatplane queen. Currently working as a pilot at Tailwind Air flying Cessna Caravans on floats around the northeast. (That’s as bad-ass as flying a military jet, at least I think so). Best partner to share such adventure with, not only a second pair of flying hands but a True Friend who’s always eager to take part in any flying adventure imaginable.

Filip Wolak is a NYC based award winning photographer, pilot and flight instructor. You can find more info on the About section of this page.

About Us

Sarah Tamar

Sarah is a commercial pilot with Tailwind Air, flying amphibian Caravans in the Northeast. Obsessed with floatplanes since her early age, she is now living her dream, and she’s not stopping there! Sarah is also an excellent writer, as you will shortly discover.

Filip Wolak

Filip is a NYC-based professional photographer, pilot and flight instructor. His aerial photography work won some prestigious awards in the past, and it has been exhibited in the US, and his native country of Poland.

Nearby service center took care of the old gaskets


Rusty is a 1973 Cessna 172, model M. Also known as November-12236, she is proudly wearing her original 47-year old paint, and beating her just-overhauled 160HP Lycoming heart. As this trip has just proven, she fully deserves the new name: “Trusty!”

Our Experiences: Day by Day

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Work and Other Projects

Commercial Photography and Project Areas:

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Flying North

Fall in Love, from Above

As the Earth Wakes Up...

Let’s follow the swans as they take their early flight over the sleepy, steamy grounds.

Those photographs have been taken over the course of a few days, on the New York State / Connecticut border, near Croton Falls Reservoir. The low temperature / dew point spread has created a beautiful ground fog that lasted over the entire early morning. The sky above was perfectly clear, and the landscape has been slowly revealing itself as the sun burned through the early morning fog.

Sometimes, it pays to wake up early.

Green Chickpea Hummus

Food and Drink

Featured Images

A mix of favorites: from studios, locations, shot mostly for editorial but also for advertising.

Time Out New York – Assignment Showcase

A brief compilation of my favorite assignments from my Time Out years (2013—2018). All photographs have been taken ‘guerilla style’ – in a working environment, often at their busiest time – using portable lighting set-up and always hand-held. Minimal intrusion to the ongoing service was important, with express delivery, often with same-day turnaround around tight print deadlines.

Challenging and very, very enjoyable. I could not imagine a better way of immersing myself in the city’s bar and restaurant scene – from small mom-an-pop shops in Queens through most fashionable Manhattan establishments.


38 E 19th St, New York, NY 10003

Plant based, non GMO, sustainable, artisanal and organic whenever possible. Locally and globally from small & family farms.

Juni (in memoriam)

The upscale restaurant in Hotel Chandler was a creation of an ambitious Michelin-star chef Shaun Hergatt. The eatery served high-end American fare, including a set-price lunch & tasting menus

The Heath

The Heath – British dinners & live performances at this intimate, low-lit find with a 1920s speakeasy feel

Skal (in memoriam)

Simple but imaginative Icelandic cuisine & cocktails are served in a cozy candlelit space

The Peacock

Located in The William Hotel, a clubby haunt offering modern, seasonal takes on traditional British fare & classic cocktails.

The Shakespeare

Peacock’s sibling – a tavern-like British gastropub serving craft drafts, spirits & upscale pub grub in the William Hotel.

Dirck the Norseman (curr. Greenpoint Beer and Ale)

German-style brewpub crafting a variety of beer & grub in a cavernous space with communal seating

The Gilroy

1561 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10028

Late-night lounge serving up swanky cocktails & creative American snacks with a hip, downtown vibe

The Garret

296 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014

Handsome second-floor bar with exposed brick, serving cocktails & Five Guys burgers from downstairs.

Il Tesoro (in memoriam)

317 E 111th St, New York, NY 10029

Chef A.J. Black recently opened the first NYC location of his restaurant Il Tesoro the Yorkville space which previously housed Primavera Ristorante. The restaurant serves the same style of Italian food and “new classic” fare found at the other locations in Martha’s Vineyard and Florida’s Sanibel Island.

World & Travel

World & Travel

World & Travel

This section of the page is still under construction. Stories of past travel will appear here. Stay tuned!

Feature story: The living color of a Bhutanese festival

Samcholing, Trongsa, Bhutan. February 6, 2017



Of the City that Never Sleeps...

As a long-term Time Out New York contributor, I had a fantastic opportunity to crash some of the most iconic and famous NYC parties. That collaboration allowed me to discover what’s best around town after the sunset, while giving the organizers an excellent opportunity to promote using Time Out well established brand.

My efforts were most active between the years 2007 and 2015. Recently, the scene has changed, and so did I. Nevertheless, you can still find me shooting at select (read: best) parties around town.

I hope to see you there!

Interiors and Architecture

Interiors and Architecture

Showing select works for various clients. Product and Catalog photography has also been included in this category.

Swipe left or use < > arrows to view more images from the assignment.

Seaglass Carousel

Client: The Battery Conservancy

Ongoing: Museum Photography

Client: Various

Inner Strength

Client: Carnegie Fabrics

Collection 2019

Client: Foscarini Soho

Reverse Room / Light Bulb Series

Client: Foscarini Soho


Client: Julien

Monumentals / Illusion

Client: Foscarini Soho

Trade Show Booth

Client: Istanbul Design Collective / DADA Goldberg

Erik Bruce

Client: Carnegie Fabrics

Rituals XL

Client: Foscarini Soho

Brookstone Product Showcase

Client: Brookstone / Five to Sixty

Arts & Museums

Arts & Museums

The Best of What NYC Arts Has to Offer...

The specialization photographing New York’s major cultural institutions has created a extensive portfolio across multiple areas. The images are constantly promoting major NYC museums, their exhibitions and public programs. Chances are, if you visited their web-site or saw their catalog, you saw my work.

My knowledge of photographic reproduction is also applied in strictly technical tasks like interior photography, documentation or condition reporting. Not pictured here.

Below is a quick selection of some of my favorite ‘Museum Experiences’ assignments shot over prior years.