Socially Distanced Fireworks of July 4, 2020

Highly anticipated by many, the 4th of July fireworks took a different shape in 2020.

Due to the restrictions of mass gatherings, the city decided that the fireworks would take a different form. Instead of one large after-sunset show, the fireworks would be set off at a “high elevation, unannounced.” This was to prevent people from gathering to watch them. So for several nights before July 4th, there were five minutes of explosions, with no warning and which lead up to July 4th’s televised grand finale.

I took Rusty to catch a glimpse of the promised grand finale and it turned out that the fireworks was featured on TV, and on TV only. Imagine my disappointment.

However, seems like I was not the only one feeling that way. People simply took matters into their own hands. Watch the video to see the city celebrating on its own, New York style. You will see a panorama of Brooklyn and Queens, leading to the Bronx at the end.

That alone was worth the 2 hour hover over NYC, what do you think?

Video: The City on Fire

And a Brief Look Back at 2019...